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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Hover Cameras in Commercial Real Estate


For marketing trophy commercial investment listings, aerial pictures and fly-over video can’t be beat. Investors get to see breathtaking views of the whole property from the sky. Robert Hogg, Founder of HoverCameras, and robotics engineer and photographer, discussed this exciting technology at the June Commercial Marketing & Networking Session produced by the BHGLAAR Commercial Real Estate Committee. Their signature circular fly-over shot gives a complete view of every side of the property, in one continuous shot, from any height in the sky navigated by the drone.


“Aerial views of a hotel, fly-over video of a resort, still pictures showing the scope of the destination, all are invaluable for commercial and online promotion. Nothing can capture the full scope or extent of the resort or large hotel grounds like aerial views and flyover videos,” says Robert Hogg and HoverCameras. Think about the potential aerial views of office towers, industrial parks, apartment buildings and shopping centers.


A “hover camera” or “hover copter” is a flying aerial media platform, which can take stable, amazing imagery, with a range of applications that is limitless. “We’re a team of professionals pushing the envelope in accessible aerial film. Our hover cameras give an incredibly wide range of creative possibility, which can be used world-wide for projects large and small,” notes Robert.


The hover cameras can fly within five feet of the video subject, and can even fly indoors if there’s enough space. You can’t do anything like that with a helicopter! Imagine an aerial video of the full height span inside an industrial property warehouse. HoverCamera’s equipment can even fly at night! All of their rigs have bright LED lights on their undersides to provide super easy night flying. Picture the possibilities of aerial night video of your commercial property listing.


To learn more about commercial real estate technology, opportunities and investments, take advantage of the many resources and events offered by the BHGLAAR Commercial Real Estate Committee. Visit or call the Association at (310) 967-8800.


Brian Brubaker, Chairman

BHGLAAR Commercial Committee

3:17 pm pdt 

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