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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

“Representing Commercial Real Estate Investors” is Offered at BHGLAAR

On June 12th this year, BHGLAAR will present “Representing Commercial Real Estate Investors.” Class participants will learn how to find and analyze commercial properties for investor clients and how to focus their asset search. Attendees will learn that investors need their help to search for appropriate investment properties and need help to examine asset financial performance.

Class attendees will learn about marketing their commercial real estate businesses and learn about prospecting for clients. The class offers participants the opportunity to grasp how to characterize their client’s target property and client financing requirements and limitations.

Learning how to locate target properties, and learning skills to properly visit and inspect the property assets are important segments of the curriculum. Focusing the investment product search through comparative and income capitalization methods is a fundamental part of the seminar.

Attendees will further learn about “upside potential” and market rates, pro forma analysis and investment repositioning. Emphasis will be on grasping opportunities to discuss client investment goals and investment risks, and applying and using financial analysis indexes.

The class is offered to both members and non-members as part of the Commercial Real Estate Series taught by Brian Brubaker, Chairman of the BHGLAAR Commercial Real Estate Committee. Attendees can learn more at Validated parking and lunch is provided.
2:26 pm pdt 

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