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Monday, September 3, 2007

A “Traffic Jam” of Apartments Being Built in SoCal

More multifamily units than single-family homes are being built throughout Southern California. Even in suburbs known for spread-out living, construction of condos and apartments is rapidly overtaking that of single-family residences.

It's part of a broader trend toward urbanized living in Southern California, a change that brings with it significantly higher density and concerns about overcrowding and traffic.

Los Angeles has approved more than 14,000 condos and apartments for construction in the San Fernando Valley over the last six years, nearly three times the number of single-family residences, and this is expected to intensify as Southern California words to accommodate 6.3 million new residents over the next 30 years.

By 2035, so many new apartments will be built that that the number of multi-family dwellings under construction will outstrip the number of single-family residences two to one.

In Los Angeles County, 60% of residences built in 1993 were single-family. However, last year only 38% of residential construction was single-family, and 62% was apartments and condos, continuing a trend that is ushering in an era of increasing urbanization for SoCal residents.

Driving the shift is affordability: Condos and apartments are cheaper to build than houses, largely because less land is required per unit, and they are also cheaper to sell or rent. And, people can live in a high-rise, go downstairs to a bar and restaurant, or walk to a market. Southern Californians should expect a future that is denser and more urban.

Tell us what you think about the SoCal urbanization trend.

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